Impressive Transformation: Ryan Pepiot’s Confident Pitching Makes Waves for Dodgers

Dodgers' Pitcher Ryan Pepiot Showcases Remarkable Confidence and Performance

From the early days of spring training, Ryan Pepiot’s presence has undergone a remarkable transformation, setting him apart from the inexperienced rookie who found himself thrust into action during the 2022 season. Notably, he secured a spot in the starting rotation, only to be sidelined by an oblique injury that kept him off the field for a grueling four months. Emerging back into the spotlight in August, Pepiot’s return has been marked by three impressive appearances in the major league.

Dodgers’ skipper, Dave Roberts, has been quick to recognize the change. Following Pepiot’s most recent outing, Roberts highlighted the young pitcher’s growth. Contrasting with the previous season, Pepiot now approaches the strike zone with newfound aggression. His changeup has evolved into a potent weapon, and a newly developed slider complements his fastball and changeup. In the words of Pepiot himself, “The confidence is a lot higher than it was last year.”

The intangible quality of pitching with confidence holds immeasurable significance. Pepiot’s approach has shifted from tentative nibbling at the edges of the strike zone to confidently delivering strikes that challenge opponents to make contact. This transformation echoes a historic Dodgers narrative. In 1984, Orel Hershiser underwent a similar journey, evolving from a hesitant rookie who cautiously navigated the corners of the strike zone to earning the moniker “Bulldog” from Tommy Lasorda. Much like Hershiser, Pepiot has undergone a change that has elevated his game. Over 14 innings, he has conceded just 2 earned runs and 2 walks while striking out an impressive 14 batters.

Pepiot’s consistently exceptional performance positions him as a strong contender for a permanent spot in the Dodgers’ starting rotation. With pitching stalwarts like Clayton Kershaw, Julio Urías, Bobby Miller, and Lance Lynn, the Dodgers are in need of a reliable starter. The team’s front office may also consider offering opportunities to Michael Grove and Gavin Stone this month.

“He is earning opportunities and he’s building experience, building trust. He’s doing everything he can to open our eyes even more.”

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However, September brings another rookie to the forefront: Emmet Sheehan, who was similarly thrust into action this season. Sheehan is expected to either start or contribute significant innings in the upcoming game against the Braves on Saturday night. While Pepiot’s temporary absence is felt, his return is eagerly anticipated, and his exceptional pitching might just secure him a role in the postseason for the LA Dodgers.

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