Tony Gonsolin’s Injury Woes: Pitching Through Torn UCL Impacts Career Performance

Dodgers' Pitcher Tony Gonsolin Battled Torn UCL Since June, Resulting in Career-Low Stats

In a dramatic shift from his standout performance in the previous year, Tony Gonsolin, known for his notable 2022 All-Star selection, faced a challenging 2023 season that failed to replicate the magic of his past success.

Unfortunately, Gonsolin’s promising career trajectory took a somber turn when he found himself sidelined for the remainder of the current season and likely the entirety of the upcoming season due to Tommy John surgery. The origin of this unfortunate setback traces back several months, as recently revealed. Gonsolin was unwittingly pitching with a torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in his elbow since June. This concealed injury considerably hampered both the velocity and movement of his pitches.

Oddly, despite the evident impact on his performance, Gonsolin was consistently entrusted by Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts to take the mound every fifth day. This persistence stemmed from the reassurance provided by both Gonsolin himself and medical expert Dr. Neal ElAttrache, who asserted that Gonsolin was fit for pitching duties. Regrettably, Gonsolin’s recent outings showed a decline in his performance, leading to a pivotal decision.

During his last start, Gonsolin’s performance hit a new low, raising concerns within the team. Acknowledging the evident struggle, the Dodgers decided to terminate his active participation. It’s worth noting that Gonsolin, despite the adversities he faced, gave his best effort, a sentiment echoed by Roberts. However, the underlying elbow injury had a clear impact on Gonsolin’s statistics, with this season marking a career-low performance through his first 20 starts.

Throughout the season, Gonsolin’s earned run average (ERA) crept close to five, a far cry from his previous successes. His ability to miss bats was notably compromised, as he conceded more hits and home runs compared to the previous year, even with four fewer starts. The injury also manifested in an unfortunate uptick in the number of walks allowed, setting a career-high in this unwelcome category.

“He felt good enough to pitch, where somebody else could have the same imaging and not be able to pitch,” Roberts said. “There were still (ninety-)threes and (ninety-)fours (on the radar gun). The slider was good. He just wasn’t getting guys out. At that point, we felt he’s earned the opportunity to try to work through it. He’s earned the opportunity to try to reach some incentives.

Via Orange County Register

Despite his injury woes, Gonsolin admirably stepped in to fill the void left by other injured starters such as Clayton Kershaw, Dustin May, and Julio Urias.

Now, as the tide turns, Gonsolin finds himself on the injured list, destined to navigate the path of recovery and rehabilitation.

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