Mookie Betts Smashes Career-High Home Runs with Strategic Weight Gain

Dodgers Star Finds Power in Pounds, Sets Sights on New Record

In a surprising twist this season, the four players leading the league in home runs are all towering over six feet tall and weigh at least 200 pounds. However, defying the size stereotype is Mookie Betts, standing at 5’9″ and weighing 180 pounds, who secures the fifth position in the lineup.

Mookie Betts recently knocked his 35th home run of the season out of the park during a game against the Red Sox, reaching a familiar target over the Green Monster—a spot he had mastered during his initial six seasons in the league. What’s astonishing is that Betts has already matched his career-best record with a whole month remaining in the current season. Betts himself attributes this remarkable feat to his time in the weight room.

Following the Dodgers’ triumphant 7-4 victory over the Red Sox, Betts engaged in a conversation with Sportsnet LA, offering insights into his successful weekend and the source of his newfound power. The start of this season saw Betts carrying an extra 10 pounds compared to the previous year’s October weight when the Dodgers’ season concluded. Determined to evolve as a player, Betts sought the guidance of Driveline Baseball during the offseason. The outcome was clear: gaining weight was the key to his improvement. This revelation translated into increased food intake and more dedicated hours at the gym for the Dodgers’ star player.

“It takes a lot of hard work. It may sound cliche but it is the way it is. Ive been lifitng a lot of weights trying to get swole. It’s working so far.”

Via Sportsnet LA

With his current weight resting at 180 pounds, Betts has significantly amplified the force he puts into his game. This advantageous change has directly propelled him towards not only a new career-high in home runs but has also positioned him as a major driving force behind the team’s accomplishments.

Mookie Betts’ calculated decision to embrace additional weight has set him on an impressive trajectory, empowering him to redefine expectations and secure his place as a pivotal player within the Dodgers’ lineup.

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