Cody Bellinger’s Journey: From Dodgers Star to Cubs Success

Exploring Cody Bellinger's Career Transition and Current Success with the Chicago Cubs

The captivating tale of Cody Bellinger, the former outfielder for the Dodgers, has unfolded in a way that truly captures the essence of sports. As the 2019 National League MVP, Bellinger played an instrumental role in propelling the Dodgers to success during several seasons. However, the tides of change swept through during this offseason, setting the stage for a new chapter in his journey.

Both Bellinger and the Dodgers sought a fresh start, and the results have been noteworthy. Presently, the Dodgers are positioned as strong contenders for the top spots in the National League rankings. Simultaneously, Bellinger’s career has experienced a renaissance with the Chicago Cubs. But as we delve into this story, the past also holds vital lessons. Following his 2019 NL MVP victory, Bellinger grappled with a struggle to recapture his peak performance. While moments of brilliance did punctuate his journey, the consistency that once defined him proved elusive.

“I came back as soon as possible from it, not knowing anything,” Bellinger told ESPN. “I never dealt with an injury. I never thought how surgery would really affect me. Didn’t even know that it did until later on in that year (2021) when I did some one-hand drills. I was like, ‘I had no idea where anything [with the shoulder] is right now.’”


In a candid revelation, Bellinger recently acknowledged that his difficulties during his tenure with the Los Angeles team were partially attributed to prematurely rushing back from injury. He further shed light on the impact of the baseball lockout on his trajectory. This unforeseen event compelled him to deviate from his rehabilitation plan, a circumstance he found challenging. The toll of injuries undoubtedly influenced Bellinger’s struggles and ultimately played a role in the Dodgers’ decision to part ways with him. However, a renewed sense of health now radiates from Bellinger, translating into his commendable performance on the field.

“Then we had a lockout and I couldn’t work with people that I wanted to work with,” Bellinger said. “I never got to get back to who I was until this offseason.”


The ongoing season showcases Bellinger’s remarkable achievements: boasting a .321 batting average, 20 home runs, and 75 runs batted in. His pivotal contribution has significantly contributed to the Cubs’ triumphs this year, a sight to behold for fans and analysts alike.

Surprises have characterized both the Cubs’ and Bellinger’s trajectories throughout this season, an intrinsic aspect of baseball’s allure. The unpredictable nature of the sport often keeps us guessing, highlighting its charm. Moving forward, the hope is that Bellinger can sustain his productivity as the season draws to a close. Set to become a free agent at season’s end, Bellinger possesses a mutual option with Chicago. Nonetheless, following this exceptional year, the likelihood of him declining the option looms large, paving the way for an undoubtedly lucrative deal in the upcoming winter.

“Bellinger, finally healthy, has found his stroke again in Chicago. He has been so good the surprising Cubs elected not to deal him at the trade deadline despite some high-profile suitors — and instead he has become the face of an unlikely contender.”


In essence, Cody Bellinger’s journey encapsulates the essence of a sports narrative—rife with highs, lows, and the unyielding spirit of redemption. From his standout days with the Dodgers to his resurgence as a formidable force within the Chicago Cubs, Bellinger’s path serves as a testament to the power of determination and transformation in the world of baseball.

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