Freddie Freeman Sets New Dodgers Record with 50 Doubles in Historic Season

Dodgers First Baseman Surpasses Team's Single-Season Doubles Mark in Sunday's Game

In a thrilling showdown against the Red Sox on Sunday, Freddie Freeman, the celebrated first baseman for the Dodgers, achieved another incredible milestone, adding to his already historic season. The fifth inning of the game proved to be the stage for this remarkable achievement as Freeman set a new Dodgers record for the most doubles in a single season in the team’s history.

As the tension built on the field, Freeman’s powerful swing connected with the ball, sending it soaring towards the Green Monster. This hit marked his 50th double of the season and his second in the very game. With this accomplishment, Freeman surpassed Shawn Green’s record of 49 doubles in the 2003 season, etching his name into the annals of Dodgers history.

This accomplishment is not only significant for the Dodgers but also for Freeman himself, as this marks the first time in his illustrious career that he has surpassed the 50-doubles mark in a single season. His prior personal best was set at 47 doubles in the previous year. Now having secured the Dodgers record, Freeman’s incredible journey continues as he eyes a coveted spot on the all-time single-season doubles leaderboard.

However, the path to this ultimate record is not without its challenges. The current record-holder for the most doubles in a single season is Earl Webb, who achieved a staggering 67 doubles for the Red Sox back in the 1931 season. While Freeman would need to notch 17 more doubles to match this historic feat, the realm of possibility is still very much alive, especially with the remaining games in August and the entire month of September ahead.

Freeman’s journey to this record-breaking moment had its beginnings earlier in the season. In May, he managed to establish a team record for the most doubles in a month with an impressive 17 doubles. As August nears its end, Freeman’s performance shows no signs of slowing down, having already accumulated 15 doubles this month with several games yet to be played.

Looking ahead, Freeman is on the brink of another significant achievement. If he manages to secure just ten more doubles in the remainder of the season, he will become the first player in this century to reach the remarkable milestone of 60 doubles in a single year. The closest any player has come in recent history was Todd Helton, who achieved 59 doubles back in the year 2000.

In a league where extraordinary feats are celebrated, the last players to achieve the impressive 50-doubles milestone in a single season were Nick Castellanos, Rafael Devers, and Xander Bogaerts during the 2019 season. As Freeman continues to rewrite the record books, his dedication and skill leave fans eagerly awaiting his next remarkable move on the field.

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