Unusual Series for Dodgers in Cleveland Amid Rain Delays | Doubleheader Triumph and Emotional Boston Series Up Next

Rain Delays and Apologies Mark Dodgers' Cleveland Series, Doubleheader Victory Sets Stage for Boston Emotions

In a recent series that left both fans and players puzzled, the Los Angeles Dodgers faced off against the Cleveland team in Cleveland. Over the span of three games, an intriguing sequence of events unfolded, featuring peculiar rain delays and an eventual doubleheader triumph.

The first twist occurred during Wednesday’s game, which was abruptly suspended after just two innings. Curiously, rain was not falling from the sky at the time of the delay. This unexpected interruption set the tone for a perplexing series.

Continuing the series on Thursday, the Dodgers found themselves back on the field, determined to wrap up the suspended game before proceeding to the second day game. However, history repeated itself as the ninth inning of the game was plagued by yet another delay. Remarkably, no rain had been falling from the sky for over 20 minutes.

Both teams were left bewildered and frustrated by the continuous interruptions, with Cleveland’s grounds crew taking what seemed to be excessive precautions in anticipation of rain. This cautious approach inadvertently led to a series of delays that disrupted the flow of the games.

After the series concluded, Cleveland’s president and manager took the commendable step of extending their apologies to Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. They acknowledged the mishandling of the rain delays by their grounds crew and expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to the Dodgers. This gesture of goodwill was well-received, especially considering the challenging circumstances it placed the Los Angeles team in.

Despite the hurdles faced during the Cleveland series, the Dodgers managed to maintain their composure. Following the completion of the delayed game, they headed to Boston for a highly anticipated series at Fenway Park. This upcoming series promises to be emotionally charged, featuring reunions and nostalgic moments for all involved.

“Chris (Antonetti) came over and he … apologized for the way it was handled. No one wins in that situation. They lost a starter too (because of Wednesday’s suspension). You could see they were kind of hamstrung with their pitching today. … But I really appreciate Chris coming over and Tito (Guardians manager Terry Francona) reached out too.”

Via Orange County Register

The resilience shown by the Dodgers was evident as they triumphed in both games of the subsequent doubleheader. This victory not only highlighted their determination but also set the stage for their arrival in Boston. The emotional rollercoaster experienced in Cleveland only adds to the anticipation surrounding the Boston series, as players and fans alike prepare for a heartfelt showdown.

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