Dodgers’ J.D. Martinez Injured, Rookie Michael Busch Steps Up | Revived Hitting Abilities Shine

Martinez on Injured List, Busch Recalled; Rookie Infielder's Remarkable Performance

In a recent turn of events, J.D. Martinez of the Dodgers finds himself on the injured list, expected to be out for several weeks. Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts disclosed the news, indicating Martinez’s absence due to a lingering groin/hamstring issue. This shift has prompted the Dodgers to bring rookie infielder Michael Busch back into the mix, as reported on Tuesday.

While Michael Busch had seen action in 48 major league games this season, his performance had been less than stellar, with an average of .200 and only 4 RBIs to his name before being demoted to the minor leagues in June. However, a stint with the Triple-A Oklahoma City team proved to be a turning point for Busch. During this time, his batting abilities underwent a remarkable transformation.

“Obviously you’ve got to put yourself in position to get called up and that’s by playing well each and every day consistently,” Busch said. “You do that by having good at-bats whether you have one hit or zero hits or four hits. I tried to – I don’t want to say stay away from that stuff but you can only control what you can control, trying to have good at-bats, make plays, help the team win games down there. Then whatever happens, happens.”

(Via The Orange County Register)

Busch’s stint in Triple-A resulted in a resurgence of his hitting prowess, evident from his impressive statistics. With a remarkable 1.047 OPS and a notable .615 slugging percentage, Busch has emerged as a standout performer in the league. He currently holds the highest marks in these categories, showcasing his potential. Moreover, his prowess extends to extra-base hits and RBIs, where he ranks second and third in the league, respectively. A commendable 24 home runs further solidify his exceptional performance, even when accounting for the periods he spent with the Dodgers.

“Michael has earned his way to get back here, performing really well,” Roberts said.

(Via The Orange County Register)

Buoyed by his time in the minor leagues, Busch now seizes another opportunity to showcase his capabilities on a championship-caliber team. Dave Roberts, acknowledging Busch’s progress, plans to integrate him into the upcoming games. Roberts expects Busch to participate in two out of the three games against Cleveland, aiming to provide him with consistent playing time during his tenure with the team.

Michael Busch attributes his newfound consistency and performance improvements to his experiences in the minor leagues. Despite the Dodgers’ recent loss to the Guardians, with Busch going 0-3 at the plate and registering a couple of strikeouts, his potential and dedication shine through.

“Still have some games when I don’t feel the greatest or don’t hit the ball the hardest, but I feel like I was still able to get on base once or twice,” Busch said. “That’s what I’ve been trying to battle with the last couple years, more consistency. I felt like through experience and at-bats I was just pretty consistent.”

(Via The Orange County Register)

As the Dodgers navigate this challenge brought about by Martinez’s injury, the spotlight turns to Busch as he steps onto the field with renewed confidence and skill. The evolving dynamics of the team present a unique opportunity for Busch to make a lasting impact and contribute significantly to the Dodgers’ journey.

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