Dodgers Thrive Under Manager Roberts, Led by Stars Betts and Freeman

Dave Roberts praises his team's resilience and highlights Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman's leadership

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts has been full of praise for his team, even going so far as to deem this version of the Dodgers as his favorite in his managerial career.

One of the reasons behind this sentiment is likely the remarkable resilience exhibited by this roster. Despite expectations of a potential step back this year, the Dodgers have maintained an unyielding momentum, keeping their performance at an elevated level.

August has witnessed a stellar 17-2 streak for the Dodgers, solidifying their dominance and widening their lead in the NL West to a comfortable 11.5 games. This commanding position affords the team the opportunity to rest certain players in the final stretch. Yet, there’s no room for complacency, as Roberts stressed his belief that this group of players won’t allow it.

Central to the Dodgers’ success is the harmonious blend of seasoned veterans and budding talents. This balanced composition has yielded dividends, with Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman leading the charge.

Roberts delved into the qualities that set Betts and Freeman apart, highlighting their shared commitment to elevating the team. Their dedication to fostering growth within the team resonates powerfully. The impact of leaders who set an example is immeasurable, fostering an environment where everyone aspires to perform at their best. Both Betts and Freeman embody this ‘lead by example’ philosophy, and their remarkable on-field performance speaks volumes. Currently in contention for the NL MVP award, their contributions hold undeniable significance.

“Typically superstar players don’t have or care to have … the bandwidth to make people around them better, because all their bandwidth and focus is taken up by their own performance, which is certainly needed. Those two guys just have an intrinsic desire to want to make their people, their teammates around them better.”


The Dodgers’ ascent in the standings is closely intertwined with the performance of their two All-Star players. Betts and Freeman have become the guiding forces, setting the rhythm for the entire team. The consistency they bring to the field is a hallmark of their leadership and has been a spectacle to behold throughout the season.

Dave Roberts on the Mookie-Freddie one-two punch at the top of the lineup and a few other pregame notes ahead of tonight’s finale.

— SportsNet LA (@SportsNetLA) August 18, 2023

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