Freddie Freeman’s Consistent Excellence and Impressive Stats Shine in 2023 Season

Dodgers' First Baseman Freddie Freeman's Remarkable Career and Current Success

At the age of 33, Freddie Freeman has held a prominent position as one of baseball’s most outstanding players for over a decade. With a remarkable track record spanning 11 years, Freeman’s consistent prowess on the field continues to captivate fans and experts alike. In a recent appearance on MLB Network Radio, Andrew Friedman, the President of Baseball Operations for the Dodgers, delved into what sets Freeman apart and makes him an exceptional player.

A cornerstone of Freeman’s greatness lies in his unwavering commitment to maintaining excellence. Since 2011, Freeman’s lowest On-Base Plus Slugging (OPS) score has never dipped below .795. Impressively, he has managed to avoid posting a negative Wins Above Replacement (WAR) in any season, except for his initial 20-game stint in 2010.

Looking beyond his first two full years in the league, Freeman consistently sustains a high level of performance, never falling below an OPS of .841. His career batting average stands at .301, complemented by an impressive .902 OPS. This remarkable achievement is further accentuated by his determination to participate in virtually every game throughout his career.

“We have all been around really good players and, for the most part, they ride some highs and lows,” Friedman said. “Freddie’s ability to maintain excellence, day in and day out, is something I’ve never seen before.”

(via Friedman talking to MLB radio)

Despite the rigorous demands of professional baseball, Freddie Freeman has displayed remarkable durability, aiming to play in all 162 games of each season. While he has achieved this feat twice since joining the league, he has remarkably appeared in over 145 games in nine out of his ten years, with the 2023 season marking his tenth year of play.

Freeman’s dedication to the game is exemplified by his commitment to playing every day, combined with diligent preparation for the demanding schedule. The 2023 season has seen him play all 123 games for the Dodgers, and his performance has been nothing short of outstanding.

In what could be considered one of his finest career years, Freeman is currently hitting at an impressive .333 with an outstanding .986 OPS. Contributing to this remarkable performance are his 23 home runs, 2 triples, and an impressive 45 doubles—leading the league in the latter category.

Building upon his achievements from the previous season, where he led the league with 47 doubles, Freeman’s exceptional performance in 2023 indicates that he is on track to surpass his own record.

“And the fact that he’s so insistent on playing every day, it has an affect on our culture,” Friedman said. “His desire to play every day, him challenging his teammates to play every day.”

(via Friedman talking to MLB radio)

As the Dodgers maintain their strong standing with a record of 75-46, positioning themselves for another NL West division title, fans can rest assured that Freddie Freeman, the consistent powerhouse, will be a constant presence on the first base, donning the iconic Dodger blue.

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