Dodgers’ Julio Urias Shows Promise with Strong Performance Against Rockies

Contract Year Success and Strong Performance Reignite Urias' Confidence

It’s been a challenging season for Julio Urias, the starting pitcher for the Dodgers. With moments of uncharacteristic inconsistency, the added pressure of it being a contract year only exacerbates the situation.

“This game has a lot of highs and lows,” Urías said in Spanish. “The last two seasons I’ve been able to be really consistent, but this year we’ve had to battle through some things that have made me a little inconsistent. But now I feel good physically and mentally, and I think we’re getting back on track.”


Urias has grappled with maintaining a steady performance throughout this season. However, a recent positive outing against the Colorado Rockies has ignited a sense of reassurance in him. In this particular game, Urias delivered a commendable performance, pitching seven innings against the Rockies and allowing just three runs while stunningly striking out 12 batters. Impressively, this marks the fourth consecutive start for him where he has managed to keep the opposing team to three runs or less. Following the victory, Urias shared his thoughts, emphasizing the importance of his contribution to the Dodgers’ pursuit of another World Series victory. His role is pivotal, and it’s promising to see him regaining his momentum at a crucial juncture. Over the course of the season, Urias has maintained an Earned Run Average (ERA) of 4.35, coupled with a Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched (WHIP) ratio of 1.12. While the overall season may not have been spectacular, this resurgence in performance arrives at an opportune moment for the Dodgers.

“I thought he was focused all day,” Roberts said. “The stuff was really sharp. You could just see he was determined. He was going to go at least six innings today. We got up to the seventh, could have went eight, and he was efficient and on the attack. We needed that one today.”


The team’s manager, Dave Roberts, also chimed in after the game, sharing his perspective on Urias’ performance. Roberts highlighted that Urias’ impressive seven-inning stretch against the Rockies is a significant achievement. This outing marks Urias’ longest duration on the mound since May and stands as his best strikeout performance of the season, equalling his personal career-high record. Roberts acknowledged the hard work Urias has invested to regain his stride, and the results are finally reflecting his dedication. Sustaining this level of performance would undoubtedly benefit the Dodgers, positioning them well for their upcoming challenges. Additionally, Urias’ current momentum could potentially impact his upcoming contract negotiations as the winter approaches.

“I think that he understands that, up to this point, it hasn’t been the year that he had hoped for,” Roberts said. “But you can really finish strong and make it a great year. There’s still plenty of baseball left.”


Looking ahead, Urias is set to take the mound once again on Saturday, facing the Miami Marlins. This opportunity presents a chance for him to further solidify his revitalized performance and contribute significantly to the Dodgers’ ongoing success.

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