Dodgers News: Roberts Lays Out Expected Shortstop Timeshare with Gavin Lux Injured

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said he expects Miguel Rojas to get about 75-80 percent of the starts at shortstop this year, with Chris Taylor getting the rest.

Dodgers shortstop Gavin Lux injured his knee in a spring training game against the Padres on Monday, and Tuesday morning Los Angeles manager Dave Roberts announced that Lux will be out for the season. In that announcement, Roberts said Miguel Rojas and Chris Taylor would both play short, with Rojas getting the bulk of the action there.

On Wednesday, Roberts went into a little more detail on how he expects the playing time to be split.

“It’s gonna change, I’m sure, but I think, you know, 80/20, 75/25, something like that [with Rojas getting more] and then CT kind of peeling off to left and some third. So kind of like that, but as far as playing time, I see CT playing quite a bit, yeah.”

Roberts said part of the reason he didn’t go into more detail on Tuesday was out of respect to Lux. But he also said a lot of his thoughts since the injury had been about how to fill the hole at short.

“A lot of it, a lot of it. You know, there’s an initial part of it is the sensitivity towards Gavin and making sure, you don’t want him to feel like we’re just moving on, you know. That’s not true. But you do got to move on.”

Taylor and Rojas are both natural shortstops, although Rojas has played there regularly much more recently. He was a Gold Glove finalist at short last year with the Marlins, while Taylor hasn’t played there regularly since Corey Seager missed some time with a hamstring strain in 2019.

Like Roberts said, the mix could change, but that’s LA’s plan as of right now.

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