Dodgers News: Freddie Freeman’s Son Helped to Cheer Up Gavin Lux After Injury

The first baseman made it a point to connect with Lux over the phone to show his support.

Injuries are devastating news for any professional athlete as they face an unexpected halt to their career. For Dodgers second baseman, Gavin Lux, he was hit hard with this news after tearing his ACL during spring training, causing him to sit out the 2023 season.

Although the injury left both Lux and the Dodgers organization heartbroken, Lux’s teammates and fans showed continued love for the 25-year-old.

Of his teammates, Freddie Freeman made sure to offer his support to Lux during this tough time. While speaking with the media at Camelback Ranch on Tuesday, Freeman shared his thoughts on the situation:

“You feel bad for him, he worked so hard this offseason and in the spring too. It’s just tough.”

The first baseman also told reporters how he took the time to connect with Lux over the phone: 

“I texted him and then I facetimed him. It looked like he had just finished a little tear session so I told him to cry a little bit more, there’s no need to be a tough guy right now. Your dream is to play baseball and it’s taken away from you for a year. Then I put Charlie on the facetime to cheer him up a little bit, and he smiled, so that was working. Words sometimes can be little be more depressing so I just tried to cheer him up as best as I could.”

As Lux persists through his recovery process, Freeman and the rest of his teammates will surely help him keep his head up. 

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