Dodgers News: Doc Addresses Kershaw’s Current Health Status

After being pulled from the 2023 World Baseball Classic, Dave Roberts shares what to expect from Clayton Kershaw.

When hearing that Clayton Kershaw was pulled from pitching in the World Baseball Classic, many fans immediately assumed the worst. But that’s not the case.

There were complications with getting him cleared but specifics were never addressed. This might come as a good thing though since it’s one of the first offseasons in a while that he’s been completely healthy.

Before Sunday’s game, Doc addressed the public about where he is in the build-up process leading into the upcoming season: 

“He said he felt good and it was really, really good pen. I think right now he’s gonna be on his five-day routine. As far as, you know, ‘pens and sides and throwing and so it’s really good.”

“I think he’s right where he needs to be. I think as far as the prep, mentally, physically, we took a few days to kind of reset, so I think he’s right where he we would we’d have hoped.”

Since the Dodgers’ season ended abruptly this past fall, Kershaw was able to get an early start in training; nearly three extra weeks to be exact. 

Then, to prep for the WBC, he arrived at Camelback Ranch ahead of the rest of the team. But now that it’s off the table, Kershaw can solely focus on just remaining healthy, especially since he hasn’t played a full complete season without injury since 2015.

Just in the 2022 season alone, he made two visits to the IL after dealing with lower back pain and right SI joint inflammation.

But despite the two minor hiccups, the 34-year-old hurler still finished with a 12-3 record and a 2.28 ERA. 

After becoming a free agent again this winter, he decided to return to the Dodgers for his 15th season in hopes of claiming one more World Series ring.

Let’s just hope he can stay healthy all the way ’til then.

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