Paul George Makes History vs Sacramento Kings

Paul George has moved up on another all-time ranking.

The LA Clippers vs Sacramento Kings game on Friday night was full of history. It was the second-highest-scoring game in NBA history, both the Clippers and Kings scored the most points in franchise history, but there’s another record broken that people may not have seen.

Lost in all of the records being shattered, Paul George actually moved up on the all-time list for most three-pointers made. George has moved up to number 15, surpassing Dirk Nowitzki. Geroge officially has 1,987 three-pointers made, and Nowitzki had 1,982 made.

Expect George to make history again very soon in the future though, as next up on the list is Jason Kidd with 1,988 three-pointers made. If Paul George makes two three-pointers against the Denver Nuggets, he will move up to number 14 on the all-time three-pointer list. After that though, it gets a bit more difficult, as number 13 is Kyle Lowry with 2,061 three-pointers made.

Looking at the top 10 of three-pointers made, it’s hard to tell whether George will crack that list. The top 10 are: Steph Curry, Ray Allen, James Harden, Reggie Miller, Kyle Korver, Damian Lillard, Vince Carter, Jason Terry, LeBron James, and Jamal Crawford. In order to crack the top 10, Paul George would have to make over 2,220 three-pointers, which is over 213 more threes. Only time will tell if that happens.

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