Anthony Davis Reacts to Russell Westbrook Joining LA Clippers

Anthony Davis had a very interesting answer about Westbrook joining the Clippers.

Just a few weeks ago, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook were teammates. Now, Westbrook is a member of their cross-hall rivals – the LA Clippers. 

Davis was asked what he thought of Westbrook joining the Clippers and what he could bring to the team, and Davis gave a very vague answer.

“I’m not part of that team,” Davis said. “I have no idea what their locker room is like, what their chemistry is like.”

Reporters tried doubling down, asking Davis what he thinks Westbrook could bring on the court, instead of just off the court. Still, Davis gave a very vague answer.

“Honestly, I don’t really watch the Clippers like that,” Davis said. “I got three kids; I don’t have time for that. I don’t know; I know they got rid of John and Reggie, so it’s another point guard for them. I’m not sure how T-Lue and the coaching staff will utilize him, but I’m pretty sure he’s happy to stay in L.A.”

Russell Westbrook’s marriage with the Los Angeles Lakers was quite possibly one of the worst fits a player has ever had on a team. Throughout his tenure on the Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, and Washington Wizards, Westbrook was a very beloved player. His stint with the Lakers is one that seems like both fans and players won’t remember fondly.

Hopefully, Russell Westbrook on the LA Clippers brings new beginnings and restores him to the dynamic player he was just two seasons ago.

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