Terance Mann and Duncan Robinson Invest in Beverage Brand Slate Milk’s $10.5 Million Series A Fundraising Round

Terance Mann has invested in a new way to drink chocolate milk.

Terance Mann may only be in his fourth year in the NBA, but that hasn’t stopped him from already creating investments for his future. From partnering up with business managers Romello Crowell and Julian Aiken, to attending movie premieres, and now investing in million-dollar franchises. Mann has joined Duncan Robinson and former Olympians Josh Dixon and Lauren Gibbs as investors in Slate Milk – a rapidly growing and all-natural canned chocolate milk and latte brand. The company recently announced a $10.5 million Series A fundraising to fuel its expansion.

Terance Mann with Romello Crowell

The brand Slate Milk was launched in 2019, with a desire to provide strength and energy in a healthier way to the sports and fitness world. Each can of Slate contains 20g of protein, 0g of added sugar, and 120 calories or less; all of their products are lactose-free.

Here’s an excerpt from their website that describes how Slate Milk’s formula is healthier than regular milk:

“We ultra-filter our milk to remove its lactose sugars, along with some water, to slightly concentrate the milk proteins. We then blend our ultra-filtered milk with natural ingredients including allulose, a rare low calorie sugar found in figs and maple syrup.”

The initial goal was to simply create healthier chocolate milk. Two individuals in their 20s had the idea for a healthier chocolate milk just three years ago, and now it’s grown into something much more. Today, Slate is not only fueling professional sports teams, gyms, and athletes all over the nation, but also fitness and sports influencers such as Brian Mazza, Eric Hinman, Julian Aiken, Romello Crowell, and Angela Gargano.

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The company provided a statement for their new investment that Terance Mann and others helped provide, which details the launch of a new product line called Slate Mix Sticks.

“Slate Milk, the all-natural canned chocolate milk and latte brand by Boston-based entrepreneurs, Manny Lubin and Josh Belinsky, today announced a $10.5M Series A funding round coming from investors including NBA players, Duncan Robinson (Miami Heat) and Terance Mann (Los Angeles Clippers), former Olympians Josh Dixon and Lauren Gibbs and a variety of food industry veterans. In addition to this milestone funding round and mass success with its canned products, Slate Milk has also announced a new product line extension: Slate Mix Sticks – single serve lactose free powders with 20g protein and 0g sugar (100 calories or less). Slate Milk’s new Mix Sticks and Series A funding comes on the heels of a successful past few years of growth including a retail presence expected to be in over 10,000 retail stores across the country by mid-2023, triple-digit percentage growth, annually, and plastic neutral status, as a business. The brand was also recently named the “fastest growing emerging brand of 2022” on Instacart.”

More and more, the modern NBA athlete is proving to be that they’re more than an athlete. They’re becoming podcasters, movie producers, actors, ESPN analysts, and investors. While many do this in the latter stages of their career, it’s great to see 26-year-old Terance Mann and 28-year-old Duncan Robinson take this step this early in their careers.

With the announcement of their new funding, Slate also announced the release of a new product line—Slate Mix Sticks—which are single-serve protein powders. Slate Mix Sticks are now available for purchase now. For more information on the brand or to purchase Slate Milk and the new Mix Sticks, visit their website.

Terance Mann walks into the Arena with a can of Slate Milk.

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