Russell Westbrook Reacts to Joining LA Clippers

Russell Westbrook is officially a member of the LA Clippers

The LA Clippers made the Russell Westbrook signing official on Wednesday evening, with team president Lawrence Frank saying, “Russell is one of the most explosive and competitive players in the NBA. He has many strengths that can benefit the team and a shared desire to win a championship. We’re delighted to welcome him and his family to the organization.”

Westbrook addressed the media as a member of the Clippers for the first time on Wednesday as well, saying, “The dialogue is just about winning… I think the most important part, the ultimate goal is to win a championship and we know what we have to do to do that.”

On his fit with the Clippers after leaving the Lakers, Westbrook said, “I think just the way the team is built, how they play, I think for me, just finding my way to be able to help other guys is something I truly embrace… I’m ready for the challenge.”

When asked about his overall excitement level for this new opportunity, Westbrook said, “I’m super excited, man. I’m just exicted to get back to playing. I love to play basketball. Not just that, but love to have fun while doing it.”

Westbrook added that being wanted by Paul George and other players on the Clippers meant a lot to him, and is a big reason why he is excited to join this new opportunity. It was all smiles for Russ in his first day with the Clippers.

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