NBA Admits Clippers Were Robbed vs. Kings

The LA Clippers were robbed by some bad calls against the Sacramento Kings

The NBA’s Last Two Minute Report from Friday night’s game between the LA Clippers and Sacramento Kings admitted three crucial blown calls that disadvantaged the Clippers.

To begin, the refs missed a foul on Domantas Sabonis that would have sent Kawhi Leonard to the free two line with less than two minutes remaining in regulation. This also would have fouled Sabonis out much earlier than he ultimately was. Shortly after, the refs missed a travel on De’Aaron Fox that led to free throws for the Kings.

The final blown call by the officials that hurt the Clippers, and arguably the most consequential, came when Russell Westbrook was wrongfully called for his sixth foul. According to the league, the contact Westbrook made with Harrison Barnes was marginal, and should not have been whistled.

According to the NBA, the only missed call that benefited the Kings down the stretch of Friday night’s game came when Paul George should have been called for a travel. This missed call ultimately mattered very little, as the Clippers did not score on the possession anyways.

While there are several plays that go into the final outcome of every game, there is no doubt that the Clippers received no help from the officials in Friday night’s historic contest. Most of the blame for this loss still lies with the Clippers and their poor execution, but a cleanly called final two minutes could have changed the outcome as well.

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