BREAKING: LA Clippers Make Unexpected Roster Move

After giving Russell Westbrook their final roster spot, the LA Clippers have made another move

After giving Russell Westbrook their final roster spot and signing Nate Darling to their final two-way spot, the LA Clippers have waived Darling and are expected to sign Keaton Wallace to the newly opened two-way slot. The Wallace signing was first reported by The Athletic’s Law Murray. It is unclear why the Clippers decided to sign Darling just to waive him and sign another player shortly after, but there are a few possible reasons why.

There is a possibility that Darling was offered a more substantial role with another team, and the Clippers are allowing him to explore that instead of being buried in a depth chart that will never allow him to see minutes. Contrarily, it is also possible that Darling was not coveted elsewhere, while Wallace was, and this is how the Clippers can keep both players around. If neither of these possibilities are the case, then it is also possible that the Clippers did Darling a financial favor by signing him briefly, which would allow him to make more money than if he had remained exclusively on his previous deal.

As for Keaton Wallace, he has been one of the best players on the Ontario Clippers this season. The Clippers have been choosing to occupy their two-way slots with internal options, with Moses Brown, Moussa Diabate, Nate Darling, and Keaton Wallace all spending time within the Clippers organization.

This is an unexpected roster move for the Clippers, who just signed Darling, but there are a few possible reasons why they made the change. For now, it is Wallace who occupies the team’s last remaining two-way slot.

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