Report: Russell Westbrook’s Potential Clippers Debut Date Revealed

Russell Westbrook may potentially debut with the Clippers very soon.

Russell Westbrook is reportedly set to sign with the LA Clippers now that he’s cleared his buyout with the Utah Jazz, but nothing has been officially set in stone yet.

According to a report from The Associated Press and, Russell Westbrook could make his debut with the LA Clippers on Friday once he clears waivers. The exact verbiage in the article reads as follows.

“LOS ANGELES (AP) — Russell Westbrook could make his debut with the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday once he clears waivers, two people with knowledge of the matter said Tuesday.”

The LA Clippers have not signed Russell Westbrook just yet, but one can expect it to happen very soon. Even though Westbrook’s contract has already been bought out of his contract, the move is a very risky one for both sides. 

For the Clippers, they’re only two games away from the play-in tournament, but also one game behind the third seed. The team has championship aspirations with an increasingly limited window, and they only have 21 games left in the season. Simply put, they have very little time to experiment with a big roster change like this one. 

For Russell Westbrook, out of all the teams that he could have signed with, the Clippers are the riskiest. There would have been very little pressure on both the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls, but the Clippers have legitimate championship goals. His role will be under a much bigger magnifying glass than it would be on any other team, and that’s a big risk. 

The dice have been rolled, the gamble has been made, and we may all potentially see how it plays out starting Friday.

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