Lakers Rumors: Expert Believes Trae Young Could Be On Trade Block This Summer, Will LA Bite?

The Atlanta Hawks might start to explore other options for the star point guard.

As the Atlanta Hawks struggle this season, Trae Young could potentially be playing his last year in Atlanta.

On an episode of The Athletic’s “Young Ones” NBA show, insider Law Murray shared his thoughts on how the Hawks might explore other options for Young. Murray explained how he would trade Trae Young over shooting guard Dejounte Murray.

“Dejounte has got a free agent decision coming up, I believe next summer and Dejountes is more of a two-way player than Trae is. Trae might have more value in the trade market and you’re trying to change your culture. So, that’s gotta be the solution, right?” You gotta start measuring what you could get for Trae, whether that’s players, picks, whatever, so that you can actually properly develop a culture where you’re doing things on both ends of the floor.” 

The Hawks fired coach Nate McMillan this week, but could their lack of success this season fall on the hands of Trae Young instead? As the regular season nears an end, the organization may find it in their best interest to also part ways with the star point guard. Many have pointed out that Young’s poor leadership this season has negatively impacts the team’s overall culture and chemistry. 

Young won’t be a free agent in the offseason since this season was the start of his five-year, $205 million extension. Nevertheless, Atlanta could begin exploring other options after this 2022-2023 NBA season.

This season, the two-time All-Star is averaging 26.7 points, 2.9 rebounds and 10.3 assists while shooting 42.8% from the field and 32.4% from three. Although he brings an offensive spark, he lacks defensively. There may not be as much of a popular demand for Young from other teams around the league.

Although the Los Angeles Lakers could bite and try to acquire the 24-year-old, adding Young into LA’s mix may cause more harm than good.

After all, the Lakers recently acquired new players including D’Angelo Russell, and these young guys have already proved to add value to the team. LA is in a pretty solid position right now with Russell as their point guard and may not find it necessary to go all-in for Young. 

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