LA Clippers Receive Decreased Title Odds After Russell Westbrook Signing

The Russell Westbrook signing has decreased the Clippers’ title odds

Vegas is never slow to update their betting odds whenever a big move happens in the sporting world. When Kevin Durant was traded to the Phoenix Suns, the betting odds reflected that, with Phoenix immediately ascending up the list of championship favorites. That same list shifted again on Monday, with the LA Clippers receiving decreased title odds after it was announced that they would be signing Russell Westbrook.

When acquiring a player without giving anything up, it is rare that a team’s title odds would decrease in this way; however, that shows the skepticism so many have for Westbrook’s fit with the Clippers. Some of the skepticism is warranted, especially as it pertains to his fit as a non-shooter next to two stars who often have the ball in their hands, but there are some reasons why it could work.

Ultimately, the Clippers were persuaded by Paul George, who really wanted his good friend on the team. George believes Westbrook still has a lot to offer, and will be a great fit next to LA’s plethora of shooting. It remains to be seen whether or not George is correct, but Vegas is skeptical.

It is not a major shift in the odds, but the Clippers have indeed fallen a bit further down the list of title favorites after agreeing to a deal with former Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook.

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