Dodgers News: Baseball Analyst Believes Mookie Betts Won’t Be Changing Positions

With the question of who will be the starting center-fielder, there are differing opinions on whether that role is best suitable for the six-time Gold Glove winner.

As the Dodgers head into the 2023 season, it remains uncertain who will be LA’s starting center-fielder. Last weekend at FanFest, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts addressed that concern but did not mention Mookie Betts as a player who could potentially fill the center field role.

MLB Network’s Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds discussed the center field situation with Jon Morosi. Contrary to what Roberts may think, Reynolds, believes Betts is a great fit for the role:

“Why isn’t Mookie Betts just the center-fielder and we’ll call it a day? I mean, you’ve got your modern-day Griffey, Willie Mays, Trout, throw his name in the mix!”

Morosi on the other hand thinks Betts should not change positions. 

“He’s so comfortable in right and he’s so great out there that maybe the Dodgers are a bit reluctant to move him out of a spot where he is a clear, top-class, best-in-the-sport defender. It’s also interesting, talking about position switches, with Team USA he’ll play some second base. It would be asking a lot of Mookie to learn a third position in the spring. He can certainly do it, but are they a better team if they have Mookie in center and (James) Outman in right? Or Mookie in center and Jason Heyward in right? Possibly.”

To Morosi’s point, Betts is well-acclimated and superior at right field. After all, it is a position that the 30-year-old won six Gold Gloves in over the past seven years. There is no doubt Betts is one of the best players in baseball at his current position.

This isn’t the first time people have speculated about moving Betts out of his position, though. Earlier in the year, there were discussions on moving Betts to second in the improbable case that Aaron Judge signed with the team. 

Betts excels at right field and if needed, James Outman can step up to play center field instead. Outman has experience playing center field in the minor leagues and can optimize his skills to perform well in the major leagues now.

There are also other available options in Trayce Thompson and Chris Taylor. With this in mind, there is no dire need for Betts to risk leaving his comfort zone to  center field. 

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