Dodgers: Diego Cartaya Leans a Lot on His Mother Even as a Pro

The prospect credits a lot of his healthy mindset to his mother.

Even as the Dodgers’ number one overall prospect, Diego Cartaya remains grounded.

This season, the catcher hit .254 across High-A and Single-A, with 22 home runs and 72 RBIs.  Although the 21-year-old still has a year or two before the big leagues, he is on a promising path.

Cartaya recently joined Dodgers Nation and spoke with Doug McKain about previous injury issues he faced in the minors. Cartaya revealed how he’s responded to such injuries:

“Well, I started eating better. Keep up with my exercise, stretches, all that, and recovery after the game. I think that’s the big thing. 

The young prospect can credit a lot of his healthy mindset to his mother. His mom is a former bodybuilder and spent time working as a physical trainer for a baseball academy in Venezuela as well.

Diego expressed how much of an influence his mom has had on his career thus far.

“A lot. A lot. She still helps me a lot. She always tells me what to eat, what I cannot eat. And shes always on me with that, like training, always helping me, so I’m blessed that I have her.”

Having a personal trainer and dietician built in as your mother has to be pretty special. Mom clearly did an excellent job in shaping her son to become a top-10 prospect in baseball.

With his mother in his corner, Cartaya is sure to remain consistent with his exercises and training as he continues his journey to the big leagues. 

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