Dodgers: Freddie Freeman Shares His Excitement for the Next Big Stars

Although the Dodgers lost a few seasoned vets this offseason, players like Cartaya, Miller, and Vargas are expected to see much more playing time this year.

Every season comes with its question marks and concerns such as who will be the Opening Day center fielder or how will the Dodgers’ defense adjust to the shift ban and more. But one thing that is for certain is that the future of Dodgers Baseball is still looking bright despite the lack of off-season moves.

But according to Freddie Freeman, the Dodgers will be just fine and he’s confident in the next generation.

Freeman shared his thoughts about this upcoming season this past weekend at Dodgers’ Fan Fest where he had nothing but good things to say about LA’s top prospects:

“I mean I get it, you lose Justin Turner, you lose Cody Bellinger, you lose Trea Turner. It’s hard as a fan to watch people that you’ve watched for so long go off and I get it. But we were all those young players at one point that you were cheering and rooting for us at one point but now we’re going to have a couple of new guys that are going to make massive impacts on this team not only in this year but many many, many years. And that’s what you need. Like you could, you have to have young players to maintain in your organization. You can’t always just go out there and spend all the money in the world. You can, but you still need young guys an the list just came out we have seven guys in the Top 100. You need those guys, you need them you know? And we got a lot of them that are going to make an impact on our team this year.”

Just two seasons ago, the Dodgers had just two players on the Top 100 list then, that number increased to five last season. And now only one team has more prospects within the Top 100 than Los Angeles (Orioles with 8).

These seven players include Diego Cartaya (No. 14), right-hander Bobby Miller (No. 24 on the list), infielder Miguel Vargas (No. 37), infielder Michael Busch (No. 54), right-hander Gavin Stone (No. 56), right-hander Ryan Pepiot (No. 70) and outfielder Andy Pages (No. 81).

The future is bright and it’ll be exciting to watch many of these players get their MLB debut potentially during this upcoming season.

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