Dodgers Prospect Diego Cartaya Reveals He’s Open to a Move Away from Catcher

LA’s top prospect says he’ll play other positions if it means he’ll be in the lineup

Over the years, the LA Dodgers have been stacked with veterans and super-star presence. Young prospects are hardly seen in the Dodger lineup and dugout, but it looks like it will all change in 2023. 

Dodger fans will see many younger faces in the parent club, and one of those faces could be LA’s number one prospect, Diego Cartaya. 
Cartaya has been part of the organization since 2018 and is set to be the Dodgers catcher for years to come. 

However, LA currently has an All-Star-level catcher of their own in Will Smith, and he has been phenomenal for the Boys in Blue. 

Cartaya is a catcher as well and will be a fixture for the Dodgers sooner rather than later. Our friends at DodgersNation sat down with Diego and asked if he’ll be willing to play another position if it came down to it.

“I used to play third and I don’t mind playing other positions. I just, I want to be in the lineup, and that’s all that matters for me.”

It’s not a sure thing Smith will be LA’s long-term catcher, but if he is, it’s nice to know Cartaya is willing to be a team player and play other positions outside of catcher.

However, if Cartaya is LA’s choice for the catcher, he knows the responsibility that will come with that.

“They always say that being a Dodger catcher is different. And I think that just the tradition and all that, and you just keep learning about them a lot. But it’s just very special being a Dodger catcher.”

LA has had some great players behind the plate, like Roy Campanella, Mike Scioscia, and Mike Piazza. Many have come and gone through the organization, and Cartaya has a ton to do if he wants to be mentioned on that list. 

Dodger fans and I are excited to see what the 21-year-old can do at the big league level. 

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