Dodgers News: Fans Will Finally Get Their Fernando Valenzuela Wish

The Dodgers got this one right.

Thousands of Dodger fans packed into Dodger Stadium on Saturday for the team’s FanFest. Dozens of Dodger players met with fans, in a day full of excitement. However, there was not a greater moment on Saturday than when Dodger President and CEO Stan Kasten got on the stage for a special announcement.

Kasten spoke about a few minor changes at Dodger Stadium this season, before getting to the much, much bigger one. For that announcement, he called a Dodger legend to the stage.

When Fernando Valenzuela got on the stage, Dodger fans started to feel the excitement. Then, when Kasten started talking, the place erupted in cheers.

Kasten then made the announcement that Dodger fans have wanted to hear for decades, saying the team will retire Valenzuela’s No. 34 jersey this season.

The retirement ceremony will take place during a weekend-long celebration from August 11-13, that will include the retirement ceremony, a Valenzuela bobblehead giveaway and Valenzuela 1981 World Series ring giveaway.

It’s sure to be an incredible weekend for Dodger fans.

Valenzuela, per the Dodgers’ press release, said he could not be more honored about the news.

“To be a part of the group that includes so many legends is a great honor,” Valenzuela said. “But also for the fans — the support they’ve given me as a player and working for the Dodgers, this is also for them. I’m happy for all the fans and all the people who have followed my career. They’re going to be very excited to know that my No. 34 is being retired.”

Kasten was very excited to be able to finally bring this day to Dodger fans, too.

“I am incredibly happy that number 34 for the Los Angeles Dodgers will be retired forever,” Kasten said. “The one question that I continuously get asked, more than anything else, is about retiring Fernando Valenzuela’s number. The citywide call by our fans to honor him is truly remarkable. What he accomplished during his playing career, not only on the field but in the community, is extraordinary. He truly lit up the imaginations of baseball fans everywhere. It’s hard to envision a player having a greater impact on a fan base than the one Fernando has had.”

We’ll update you when we get more information about the date of the ceremony, but for now, we know it’ll be a weekend in August.

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