Dodgers: Padres Superstar Disrespects LA Fan

Juan Soto attacks a Dodgers World Series championship hat.

There’s no love lost between the Dodgers and the Padres, even in the offseason. Both organizations are out on the community trail spending time with fans in their respective cities. 

While the Dodgers have been focused on the upcoming season while giving back to the community, Padres star outfielder Juan Soto was in his own “giving” spirit.

Outside of a 711 in San Diego, Soto was approached by a Dodger fan. The All-Star got a little overzealous after seeing the fan wearing an LA ballcap. Photos show Soto taking the hat and throwing it aside while handing the fan his Padres hat.

The interaction seemed to be in good spirits and taken in stride by the fan. Still, Dodgers fans online were none too thrilled with the moment. 

Soto and the Padres beat the Dodgers 3 games to 1 last year in the NLCS but lost to the Phillies in the championship series. So, perhaps seeing that “World Series Champions” patch was a bit of a sore spot for the San Diego star.

The two teams will match up for the first time in 2023 on May 5th in San Diego which kicks off what is sure to be a wild season series. 

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