Dodgers: Dave Roberts and Eric Karros Speak on Controversial Pizza Topic

While making an appearance at California Pizza Kitchen, the tough questions were asked of the Dodgers representatives.

Summer. Baseball. Dodger Dogs. And… Pizza? The Dodgers are gearing up to head out to spring training in Arizona in a couple of weeks. But first, players and representatives from the club are making the rounds for the organization’s annual “community love” tour.

All winter, whenever Dave Roberts has had a camera in his face, he’s been asked the tough questions about his ball club and its failure in the 2022 postseason. Over at California Pizza Kitchen in Manhattan Beach, CA, Dave got a bit more of a meatball.

Still, it was quite the controversial question…

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

“I’m going to say yes. I think that the way things have gone in our world, it’s kind of what you like. So there’s no hard and fast rules. I’ve spent three and a half years in Hawaii so I’m a little biased to the Hawaiian pizza.”

So what goes on Dave’s pizza?

“I got a little pepperoni, sausage, arugala, but I added a little bit of sweetness with that pineapple.”

Dodger great Eric Karros added his thoughts on the topic. Does pineapple belong on pizza?

“100%. I’ll tell you why… because this is the one I made,” Karros said while showing off his pizza, ” and there’s pineapple on it.”


Baseball cannot get here soon enough.

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