Dodgers Fan Favorite Rich Hill Throws MLB Under the Bus Over Ever-Changing Baseball

Hill shared his personal opinions on this ball situation during an episode of the “Baseball Isn’t Boring” podcast.

Though Major League Baseball may pride itself in its authenticity, there is one aspect in particular that does not align with the MLB’s aim to preserve the game in the most genuine way possible. When it comes to the actual baseballs that are used in the game, there seems to be a lack of consistency. 

The league reportedly used three different types of baseballs last season. The year before, there were two different versions used that season as well. This change impacts consistency which can create a shift in the offense. 

Former Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill shared his personal opinions on this ball situation on a recent episode of the “Baseball Isn’t Boring” podcast. 

 “I fully expect it to be different,” Hill said when asked if he was expecting a new ball in 2023. “Apparently we used three different baseballs last year. So, it always keeps it fresh, keeps it fun, keeps you guessing. You never know. But hey, look, it’s just the players’ careers, not a big deal. It’s unbelievable.

The 42-year-old pitcher signed with the Pirates this offseason and posted a 4.27 ERA with over the 26 starts he had for the Red Sox last season. Hill continued to rant about the ever-changing baseball. 

“Make one consistent f-ing baseball, I don’t care. I don’t care if it’s a ping-pong ball, a golf ball, a super ball or whatever. Just make it consistent, keep it consistent for the entire year. And let the players know, how about that? ‘Hey guys, we’re going to change the ball this year. We’re going to use a bit of a softer ball, we’re going to use a harder ball, we’re going to use a disco ball, we’re going to change it up and try to see what happens.’ …

“I just don’t see why a hockey puck is a hockey puck, a football is a football, a basketball is a basketball, a baseball could be anything. Why do we do this?”

Beyond being fed up by the actual switch-up of baseballs, Hill is frustrated by the lack of transparency. 

Even if these actions were not done with any ill intent, it is important to own up to the truth, especially as an MLB Commissioner, where the main job is to maintain the reputation of the sport and the league.


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