Dodgers: A Breakdown of What To Expect From The Infield This Season

We probably know as well as any of you do but here’s our best attempt of what the infield will look like this year.

As you all know the Dodgers infield took a massive hit in losing both Trea Turner and Justin Turner this offseason.

So what does that leave the Dodgers with this upcoming 2023 season?

A lot of question marks and hopes that something works out, that’s for sure. But since that’s not enough to fill up a whole article here’s our best attempt at predicting what the infield might look like.

So let’s start with first base: Freddie Freeman.

Freddiw started 159 games last season at first base and will most definitely find himself doing the same this upcoming season as well. With his former team, the Braves, he had a few appearances as a designated hitter which could be a possibility for him this season as J.D. Martinez works himself into the role as well.

And for those “once in a blue moon” off-days, Max Muncy, Miguel Vargas, and even Miguel Rojas could fill in for the six-time All-Star at the first base position.

Another given is Gavin Lux at shortstop.

This was a huge question mark at the beginning of the offseason with the departure of Trea Turner but Lux has spent some time playing shortstop in the past so it’s nothing new to him. He’s the most likely candidate to step in for the time being unless something crazy happens before the trade deadline which seems highly unlikely but never impossible.

Now, this is where things get tricky. Second and third base are heavily up in the air for now.

Max Muncy was the go-to third baseman last season but both Miguel’s might have just a little more athleticism which will be needed with the new shift ban rule. Although Vargas is still young, if he gains some traction at the plate and shows out this Spring, he could very well earn a starting spot at third base come Opening Day. 

Then that leaves second base which is almost completely a toss-up between several players including Michael Busch and Miguel Rojas. Both with mediocre offense but could fill in where needed.

Muncy could get some starts at either second or third base and with Chris Taylor as our favorite utility player, he is also an option when he’s not filling in the outfield (that’s another story). 

But just because there are still a lot of question marks doesn’t mean all hope is lost. 

The Dodgers still have some very talented players in Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, and if J.D. can follow through on offense then the defense will hopefully be able to work itself out. It just might need a lot of adjusting on the fly and possibly some trades down the road that can be expected.

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