Dodgers: Kershaw Might Take The Mound In Two Ballparks for First Time

The pitcher was on’s list of players who will be making their ballpark debuts in 2023.

This season, Clayton Kershaw could get his first start in two stadiums due to the slight change in this year’s MLB schedule.

For the first time in MLB history, every team will go up against the other 29 teams during the regular season. Because of this, the number of divisional games for each team moves from 76 games to 52 games.

Fans will have the chance to watch star players face off against one another for at least one series this season. One star player many can anticipate watching is nine-time All-Star Clayton Kershaw.

The pitcher was on the list of players who will be making their ballpark debuts in 2023.

“Orioles (Camden Yards)

Clayton Kershaw (July 17-19)

That Kershaw has yet to take the mound at Camden Yards is pretty surprising given that the three-time Cy Young Award winner has been in the Majors for 15 years. It’ll be thrilling for Baltimore fans to finally get to see the future Hall of Famer take the ball if he does, indeed, pitch during the Dodgers’ July visit. The Dodgers series will be immediately preceded by a visit from Chisholm and the Marlins.”

LA will travel to Baltimore in their second series following the All-Star break, where Kershaw could potentially make his Camden Yards ballpark debut.

If not in Baltimore, Kershaw could also make his ballpark debut in late August at Fenway Park. touched upon this possibility:

“Clayton Kershaw (Aug. 25-27) Kershaw has never taken the mound at Fenway? That’s right, so it’s going to be quite a moment if his turn to pitch comes during the Dodgers’ visit to Boston in late August.”

The southpaw actually took the mound at Fenway once before back in 2018. The Dodgers are familiar with the Red Sox and their ballpark when the two teams played each other at Fenway in the 2018 World Series. 

The lefty made his debut during game one of the series, but it was quite forgettable. The 34-year-old allowed seven hits, five earned runs, and five strikeouts in 79 pitches.

Kershaw can hope to make some noise with a true Boston “debut” this next time around in August.

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