Dodgers News: New LA Face Sporting a New Number in 2023

Jason Heyward can’t wear his usual number 22 with the Dodgers, but we see in his recent Instagram post that he’ll be wearing 23 for Los Angeles in 2023.

Last month, the Dodgers signed outfielder Jason Heyward to a minor-league contract with an invitation to spring training. Heyward is a former All-Star who was one of the most promising young players in baseball a decade ago but fell on hard times after signing a huge free-agent deal with the Cubs after the 2015 season.

Heyward has always worn number 22 throughout his career, first with the Braves, then with the Cardinals and Cubs, but as you might have noticed, number 22 isn’t exactly available in Los Angeles. That’s Clayton Kershaw’s number, and no one will ever wear it again when he’s done.

So Heyward has chosen the next-best thing, as we can see in the sixth slide of his recent Instagram post. The photo shows Heyward’s locker at Dodger Stadium, and the number 23 can be seen above the locker.

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Heyward’s caption has double meaning. “Let’s see what 23 holds.” Of course, we just started a new year, 2023, and Heyward of all people is looking for a fresh start to his baseball career. A fresh start in 2023 wearing number 23 just makes sense.

While Heyward isn’t on the 40-man roster, he has a decent chance to make the team out of spring training, considering his veteran status, the work he’s putting in, and the relative lack of other options. With the current Dodgers roster, guys like Yonny Hernandez might be in the top 13 on the position-player depth chart, and surely L.A. might want to gamble on the former superstar over the guy with a career OPS+ of 48.

The fact that Heyward has a locker at the stadium and got to choose a number might be more evidence they’re taking his chances seriously, or it might just be deference to a veteran. Either way, we’ll see what 23 holds.

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