Dodgers Offseason: Mets Expected to Be Major Players in Verlander and Rodon Sweepstakes Now

The Mets now stand in the way of the Dodgers pursuit to land a top pitcher.

The Dodgers lost all chances to sign Jacob deGrom after the Rangers picked him up this week. Now that he is no longer an available option, more eyes are shifted on to Justin Verlander and where he will land.

Of the teams trying to sign the Astros’ pitcher, the Mets stand out in their efforts given the fact that they just lost deGrom. The Dodgers now have to consider this variable as they continue their pursuit of landing a top pitcher.

The Mets are now in a position eager to add two new pitchers to the rotation and can now American League Cy Young winner, Justin Verlander. 

The Mets are allegedly also looking into signing Carlos Rodon, with whom they spoke via Zoom this week. With the Mets determined to land one of those two aces, this presents more of an obstacle to the Dodgers and their plans.

The two teams will be up against each other in trying to gain the veteran. Any given team would have to offer Verlander more per year despite not having to pay him over a five year period.

Because the Mets hold a lot of power in this predicament, the Dodgers should plan to apply pressure if they want to come out on the winning side of this Verlander move. 

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