Dodgers News: LA Shares Expectations and Contracts Going Into Winter Meetings in San Diego

The Dodgers hope to make competitive moves to acquire new talent.

The busiest week of baseball’s offseason begins Sunday, December 4, through Wednesday, December 7, in San Diego, California. Amid league-wide action, L.A. fans in particular can anticipate a trade or big free agent signing coming in the near future.

Coming into this week, the Boys in Blue are looking to add another starter in rotation. With Waker Buehler out for an extended period, Anderson no longer on the team, and Heaney in free agency the Dodgers need at least one more strong replacement. 

One potential signing that has been circulating is the addition of Justin Verlander. The Dodgers and Verlander have previously met, and if a deal closes, the veteran pitcher would have the highest AAV in MLB history.

Though a trade or signing may not happen during the meeting, the Dodgers front office will surely have plans to remain in the mix.

Even if it is planting seeds before the 2023 regular season is underway, we have seen such groundwork to be useful in instances with the 2019 Mookie Betts trade, where the trade didn’t exactly happen until February 2020.

In The Athletic’s Dodgers Mailbag column Dodgers beat writer Fabian Ardaya touched upon how the previous acquisition of the right fielder has current impacts when it comes to new signings:

“Los Angeles prioritizes not having too many things tied down, and the presence of Mookie and Freddie Freeman on the books for the next five years means the Dodgers will likely be extra-selective on deals longer than that. If the right option pops open, like Freeman last spring, they’ll jump on it. Otherwise, they might try finding a creative solution.”

“The Dodgers haven’t indicated they’ll spend all of the money they freed up on their books so far this winter. They have young guys they want to see get playing time. They could be active in trades, too.”

Andrew Friedman and co. are eager yet selective in acquiring talent to contribute to the Dodgers in several other positions as well like shortstop and outfielder.

When it comes to the shortstop position, L.A. has been figuring out what to do whether that is re-signing Trea Turner, acquiring a trade, or sticking with their internal options of Gavin Lux, Chris Taylor, or Jacob Amay.

As far as the outfield, Cody Bellinger’s free agency means that the Dodgers need to bring in at least one left fielder or center fielder to play alongside Mookie. Though there are current options to work with James Outman, Trayce Thompson, and Miguel Vargas, L.A. has also been reportedly eyeing guys like Aaron Judge, Mitch Haniger, and Kevin Kiermaier.

With many holes to be filled, we don’t know what exactly the Dodgers will do exactly, but there is a high likelihood they make at least one move over the next few days.

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