Dodgers Rumors: Dave Roberts Has Put Some Thought into a World With Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts

Can you imagine Aaron Judge joining this All-Star cast of Dodgers players?

One of the biggest stories this off-season belongs to Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge and where he will ultimately play next season. While rumors have been piling up with Judge likely to play either with the Yankees or Giants next season, nothing is official until pen hits paper giving Dave Roberts plenty of dreaming to do.

Judge to the Dodgers has been rumored since the Dodgers and Yankees were eliminated from the postseason with Judge expected to make top dollar. The record breaking year for the outfielder provides an intriguing option for the Dodgers despite Mookie Betts playing in the same position. 

Betts has been open to playing second base in the scenario of landing a guy like Judge, and it’s something Roberts has put some thought into despite no gaining traction of Judge coming to the Dodgers. Is Betts truly a realistic option to play second base? (via Dave Roberts, The Athletic Baseball Show).

“If he had his choice, yes. He loves second base. So, we’ll see. I think the main thing is that his openness and willingness that, obviously, you’re talking about a big right-handed right fielder that is a free agent that could play right field which would make that move make sense. So, again, we’re keeping all options open.”

Betts willingness to play a different position at a high level allows the team to experiment some different avenues in free agency. However it’s unclear whether the Dodgers are willing to pay top dollar for someone to play second base. 

“It’s so powerful when the player owns it, wants it. And for Mookie in this particular case, he just feels that, he doesn’t want to DH, he doesn’t want off days. So if he can play second base, that’s a break for his body, his mind. It keeps it fun and interesting. And he’s a very good ballplayer, and he can play there. So, to have that, it’s a huge benefit. And we have that same thing with Max Muncy, who we can slide to second, to third, give him a DH day. But having Mookie, in particular, to go from the grass to the dirt, opens up a lot of things.”

While the Dodgers look to other positions of need, it’s no question Judge coming to the Dodgers will move the needle for the team. The scoring opportunities provided from Judge can elevate any team and pairing him up with Betts is something no team wants to even think about facing. 

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