Dodgers News: LA Preparing For a Future Without Turner According To Reporter

The Dodgers are ready if Trea Turner ultimately decides not to come back

As the signs continue to point toward a Trea Turner departure, the Dodgers are starting to get an idea of how they will replace the All-Star. A possible decision that the team may consider is replacing Turner with one of their own in Gavin Lux.

Shortstop is a position familiar for Lux who appeared in nine games this season and in 68 games over the course of his big league career. He’s also played 299 games at the position at the minor league level, more than anywhere else.

Almost any player to replace Turner would be a drop off at the position, but at the very least the Dodgers can go for a cheap and serviceable option at the position. 

It’s not an ideal solution, but one Andrew Friedman at least feels comfortable with, according to a Dodgers reporter who joined MLB Network’s HIGH HEAT show this week.

“The Dodgers are pivoting towards other options. Andrew Friedman has been prepared since last spring training of the reality that Gavin Lux may be his starting shortstop and I feel like he’s comfortable with that.”

Of course, this isn’t set in stone. The shortstop market is full of talent and depending on how much the Dodgers value the position they can very well sign a top tier free agent to fill the role. 

“Certainly, there’s some very attractive free agents on the market. Dansby Swanson. I don’t see Carlos Correa being a fit here for obvious reasons, no matter how good of a player he is. Willy Adames is a guy Andrew Friedman traded for when he was in Tampa Bay. He’s a very good player with two more years under control. So when you throw his name out as a trade possibility, it’s going to cost a lot to pry him away from Milwaukee. You’re going to have to give up one, maybe two premium prospects to pry him away from Milwaukee.”

Lux may not be the answer Dodgers fans hoped for to fill the role of Turner, but the team still has plenty of time to make decisions on the roster. With Lux being an option the team is open with, perhaps the team truly prioritizes finding a pitcher or centerfield replacement over shortstop. 

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