Dodgers Rumors: Should Fans Be Concerned Clayton Kershaw Signing Isn’t Official?

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw agreed to a one-year contract for the 2023 season

While the loss of Tyler Anderson hurts the Dodgers pitching staff, some of that pain was alleviated when it was announced the team and Clayton Kershaw agreed to a one-year deal for the 2023 season. Kershaw wanted a short term contract and all looked well, but there seems to be a hiccup with the signing. 

It was first reported by Ken Rosenthal that Kershaw agreed in principle to come back on a one-year deal. However, the news of Kershaw’s signing came out near the beginning of November.

It has been almost a month and there’s still no official word of Kershaw accepting the offer. Is this a cause for concern or perhaps the team is still working out the smaller details? 

As the world continues to ponder the true status of Kershaw, a Dodgers beat writer wanted to calm the air and expressed in his newsletter what he thinks Kershaw’s status means (via Juan Toribio,

It is strange that Kershaw’s re-signing hasn’t become official, but I’m told nothing is wrong. It’s just a delayed physical. The veteran left-hander will be a Dodger next season.

Fans can take a sigh of relief as they get their future Hall of Fame pitcher back for at least another season. If Kershaw’s 2022 season is any indication, he clearly has plenty left in the tank to help out a questionable pitching unit. 

The official signing should come soon and the Dodgers will be all eyes ahead as the team still looks to bolster the pitching unit. 

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