Dodgers Polls: Fans Are Split on Wanting a Return of Trea Turner

Nearly half of Dodgers fans polled say they’re okay with shortstop Trea Turner not coming back to Los Angeles next season.

With every passing day, it seems more likely that Trea Turner’s time with the Dodgers is over. He’s still a free agent, so anything could happen, but reports right now say the Phillies have the best chance to sign the two-time All-Star.

Our friends at Dodgers Nation put out a Twitter poll to ask Dodger fans if they’re okay with Trea going away, and the results were split almost right down the middle.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter whether we’re okay with it; free agency will play out however it’s going to play out, with no regard for our feelings. But the results are interesting nonetheless.

Turner isn’t the only shortstop on the free-agent market, and it’s not even entirely clear that he’s the best. Carlos Correa is younger and better defensively, and his offense is pretty close to Turner’s. Of course, Correa has some pretty major baggage that keeps a lot of Dodger fans from getting on board with him.

Xander Bogaerts might be a better hitter than Correa or Turner, but his defensive track record is spotty and he’s older than both of them. And Dansby Swanson is the best defender of the bunch, but his offense has been hit-and-miss throughout his career.

There could be replacement options on the trade market, too, if the Brewers decide to move Willy Adames or the White Sox take offers on Tim Anderson. And, of course, there are internal options, with Gavin Lux, Chris Taylor, and Jacob Amaya all being shortstops already in the L.A. organization.

Maybe it’s the glut of other options that make nearly half of the 4,504 respondents okay with Turner moving on. Maybe it’s his late-season struggles or his postseason defense. Whatever it is, fans are starting to come to grips with Trea leaving, which will probably be pretty important soon.

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