Dodger Fans React to Astros World Series Win

Dodger fans react to our nemesis from Texas winning the World Series

After four trips to the World Series in the past six seasons, the Houston Astros* have won their first legit (from what we know) World Series title in franchise history. 

Everyone and their mommas were rooting against the Astros in this year’s World Series, especially Dodger fans. 

The 2022 season has ended in the worst way it can, Dodgers laid an egg in the postseason, and the team some Dodger fans hate the most won the whole thing. 

We asked our followers what they think about Houston winning this year, and here’s what they had to say. 

As you can see, a ton of mixed feelings. Some people don’t care, others still have intense remorse toward the Astros, and others are still upset about the Dodgers’ underachieving. All of these are fair and understandable. 

As a Dodger fan, it isn’t very comforting to know you have a great team and couldn’t even make it out of the divisional round. On top of that, you only win one game in the postseason; to make matters worse, you get bounced by your division rivals, which you dominated for the past decade. 

It’s frustrating and disappointing not only knowing that but also having the team who cheated against you have the last laugh in 2022. 

Hopefully, the Dodgers redeem themselves in 2023 and finish the job this time. 

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