Dodgers News: Fans Won’t Forget The Dominance Displayed From Mookie All-Season

There’s a reason Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts won his sixth Gold Glove

We can talk about Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts all day long. Some of the things that pop out include his ability to play multiple sports at a high level, his love he always shows the fans, but what we want to talk about here is what makes Mookie so dominant in the outfield.

Mookie took home his sixth Gold Glove award for his outstanding play in the outfield that helped catapult the Dodgers to a franchise record in wins. Mookie commanded right field and made sure teams would never try to run on him or rob them of game changing home runs. 

Mookie has dominated for the Dodgers since joining the team. In his first season, he won his fifth Golf Glove award as he helped lead the Dodgers to a World Series victory.

It’s clear the trade paid off to acquire Mookie and luckily for Dodgers fans they can be reminded over and over of the greatness of Mookie. He is here to stay and will surely continue making plays for years to come. 

Despite his heroics all season long, Dodgers fans would love to see postseason success once again from the team. The regular season accolades is something to be proud of but winning the World Series is the ultimate goal.

Even if the Dodgers don’ win the World Series next season, one thing remains certain. With Mookie out on the field, the Dodgers will remain legitimate contenders for years to come and have a great chance of winning ball games. 

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