Dodgers: Justin Turner Reveals Mookie Betts Has Bowling Lanes in His Home

Dodgers infielder Justin Turner shares a little insight on just how much his teammate Mookie Betts loves bowling.

Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts is like an onion (or a parfait, if you prefer). He has layers upon layers, and just when you think you know everything about him, you learn something new.

Mookie’s L.A. teammate Justin Turner was on Intentional Talk on Monday, talking with hosts Kevin Pillar and Stephen Nelson live from rainy Citizens Bank Park. The primary topic, of course, was Turner winning the 2022 Roberto Clemente Award for the humanitarian service he and his wife, Kourtney, do for the community through their foundation.

They also touched on the Chippendale’s costumes from team dress-up day and JT’s boxing costume from earlier on Monday for Halloween. As is usually the case with Millar, the topic turned to golfing, which naturally led to the question of whether there’s anything Mookie isn’t good at.

JT’s answer was simple.

“Mookie’s good at everything.”

Turner then revealed what Mookie had been doing on the night of his surprise birthday party last month, when a bunch of his buddies showed up to celebrate him turning 30.

“(Mookie) loves bowling. I mean, he looooves bowling. I went to his 30th birthday — it was a surprise this year and I was like, ‘Dude, what were you doing?’ Obviously it was a surprise and all that. And he was like, ‘Man, I was polishing up my bowling balls.’ He was getting ready because he had a tournament the next day. And that’s one of the 300s that he bowled was at that tournament.”

We all know Mookie likes bowling, but when Pillar joked about Mookie showing up at the local bowling alley to practice, we learned something new about Betts’ obsession.

“I think he has one at his house. I think he’s got a few lanes at his house. That’s Show.”

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