Dodgers News: Justin Turner’s Contract Talks Still Remain A Mystery

Dodgers infielder Justin Turner may be off the team for the 2023 season

It’s a strange feeling for fans not knowing if some of their favorite players will return to their team. It’s an even weirder scenario for Dodgers infielder Justin Turner who doesn’t have a clue himself whether he will come back in a Dodgers uniform for the 2023 season. 

The question remains whether Turner will eventually get a contract, but with all the rumors of the Dodgers going after some big free agents it’s looking less likely Turner will be returning. It was expected that we’d hear of some talks between Turner and the Dodgers front office, but Turner hasn’t heard anything (quotes via Jack Harris, Los Angeles Times).

“I’m as aware of my contract status as you guys are,” he said. “Just in limbo, waiting to hear what’s going to happen. I haven’t heard anything. I haven’t had any conversations. I guess I’m in idle, wait-and-see mode.”

It could be a lot of smoke and mirrors with Turner trying to keep contract talks behind closed doors, but it seems pretty clear that Turner would love to remain on the team. After such an impressive regular season, which was ended with huge disappointment, it makes sense to want to run it back one more time. 

The two-time All-Star has spent 14 seasons in the major leagues, but it doesn’t appear he’s slowing down anytime soon. Turner was an All-Star just one season ago and last season hit 13 home runs 81 RBI’s on a .278 batting average this season. 

Turner still brings enough value for the Dodgers that can be utilized down the line. 

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