Dodgers News: Fans Give Their Thoughts Of Their Worse NLDS Loss

Close your eyes Dodgers fans if you don’t want to relive the past

The MLB postseason is still roaring through but the Dodgers losing in the NLDS is still the talk of the town. The Dodgers were poised for greatness before ultimately being shut down and the disappointment among fans is apparent. 

Fans took to the polls to help decide which NLDS loss they thought was worse between this years loss or the 2019 loss to the Nationals. It was a great way to reopen old wounds for fans but regardless the fans made it clear which loss was worse. 

Recency bias can come into play, but it’s also hard to blame fans for choosing the 2022 season as a tougher loss after all the hype coming into the postseason. The Dodgers were breaking records and were on set to become the best team in the history of the franchise. 

Those hopes quickly came to a shattering end. This didn’t stop fans from giving their takes on why they thought the 2019 loss was a bit worse without the championship at the time.

The sting nowadays is a bit different than before, but to be fair the Nationals did win the title that season. This season the Dodgers lost all hope and they lost it to their NL West rivals.

Which ever the reasons given for choosing what was worse, all that matters is the Dodgers have given their fans major disappointment. There’s a long off-season ahead and the Dodgers will have plenty of time to make some moves to avoid further disappointment next season. 

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