Dodgers News: Tickets Sky Rocket As Dodger Fans Search For Petco Park Tickets Amid “LA Ban”

The Padres are doing whatever they can to limit ticket sales to only Padres fans

Living in Los Angeles comes with its expectations. Among those means you are living in Dodgers town and you will find Dodgers fans spread all through the state.

Unlike other sport teams in LA, Dodgers fans run stay loyal to there hometown in comparison to the Rams, Chargers or Clippers who continually get fans from all over and takeover the home field advantage. The Lakers are the next closest loyal group in LA. 

Any MLB playing nearby will get a flurry of Dodgers fans and during a time like the postseason you want to make sure there are more home team fans attending. Among the ways the Padres are trying keep LA fans away are with an “LA ban” which will only allow people from certain residences were allowed to buy tickets.

This should help limit non Padres fans at the game, but it surely won’t stop the wave of Dodger Blue. They always find a way.

Although they will show up, it might be a bit harder now as they will have to go through secondary websites to obtain tickets (via The OC Register).

According to online ticket retailer Vivid Seats, tickets to Game 3 in San Diego are averaging $308 per seat, making it the second-most expensive ticket to any game in any ballpark during the division series round. 

If the Dodgers win game two, game three turns into an ultimate hot commodity as the Padres season can officially come to an end against there NL West rivals. 

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