Dodgers News: Who Poses a Bigger Threat in the NLDS According to the Fans?

Dodger fans seem much less worried about one of the teams.

The Dodgers are in a rest period as they await the results of the Mets-Padres Wild Card series.

The Dodgers will know who they’re playing by the end of the weekend, but fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on who they’d rather play. 

In a Twitter poll of nearly 3,000 fans, the answer was clear:

Dodger fans would be much more worried about facing the Mets, and it’s easy to see why.

LA went just 3-4 against the Mets in their two series this season. Against the Padres, however, the Dodgers went 14-5, and won all six series.

The one-two punch of Jacob DeGrom and Max Scherzer definitely outweighs anything the Padres can throw at the Dodgers, especially in a short five-game series.

It’ll be interesting to see who the Dodgers play in the NLDS, but you have to assume they’ll be ready either way.

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