Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Reveals What It Will Take For Chris Taylor Be Ready for NLDS

Chris Taylor won’t play again in the regular season. Dave Roberts explains what he needs to see to know Taylor is ready for the postseason.

Chris Taylor has been out the last three games with a neck issue, and after receiving a cortisone injection on Monday, he won’t return in the regular season (which is just two more games).

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts expressed concern on Monday that Taylor might not be ready in time for the NLDS, which starts on October 11 at Dodger Stadium.

It can be tricky to know if a player is ready to return when there aren’t any games available for him to play in, so Roberts was asked if there’s a specific number of at-bats he’d need to see to know Taylor is ready to go for the NLDS.

“I don’t think it’s a number, it’s just more of a if he’s in there, if his neck feels good, he’s earned the ability for us to just trust him. And if he feels good and his swing is not showing that he’s compensating, then I think it’s gonna be an easy decision.”

The Dodgers in general will be facing an interesting new challenge, as this year is the first year they’ll have a bye in the first round of the playoffs. That is helpful as far as setting up their rotation, but it might be a little too helpful and runs the risk of going too far in the opposite direction. So, to avoid rust and keep everyone ready, the Dodgers will likely be doing a handful of simulated games for the benefit of both pitchers and hitters.

That means they’ll hopefully be able to see Taylor in action and get a feel for his readiness rather than going in blind.

Taylor went 3-for-4 in his last game before the injury, after having just three hits in his previous 30 at-bats. If he does return in time for the NLDS, it seems the Dodgers will have to go on faith that he can get the job done.

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