Dodgers Star Chasing a Couple Personal Hitting Goals

Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman has an L.A. record and a personal goal in his sights over these last nine games of the season.

In 2018, Freddie Freeman had 191 hits and 44 doubles for the Braves, finishing fourth in the NL MVP voting and leading Atlanta to the postseason, where they got bounced in the NLDS by the Dodgers.

This year, Freeman is looking to improve on all those numbers.

The star first baseman in his first year in Los Angeles has already passed his career high in doubles, knocking 46 two-baggers so far this season. He has the L.A. Dodgers record for doubles in his sights:

As that tweet mentions, Freeman is also sitting at 191 hits on the season, tying his career high from 2018. It’s essentially a foregone conclusion that he’ll set a new personal best in hits, but that’s not quite what he’s shooting for.

Two hundred hits in a season is one of those magic numbers in baseball, and it’s one not many players reach these days. With the emphasis on getting on base any way possible, the best hitters in baseball usually walk quite a bit, which gives them far fewer chances to get hits.

Ted Williams never had 200 hits in a season. Neither did Barry Bonds, Mickey Mantle, Frank Thomas, Edgar Martinez, Joey Votto, or Mike Trout.

Before 2018, only once in the previous 28 seasons had there been zero players with 200+ hits. But 2018-2021 saw just two total 200-hit seasons, by Whit Merrifield and Rafael Devers in 2019. Freeman is likely to hit the mark this year, and Trea Turner still has an outside chance.

The thing that makes Freeman’s season so special this year is that he’s not sacrificing his OBP for the sake of his hits total. Freddie has 75 walks and a .405 OBP to go along with his MLB-best .328 batting average and 191 hits. His batting average and OBP are both second only to his MVP season in 2020 for career highs.

Freddie has nine games left to get the nine hits he needs for 200. It will be a nice accomplishment for a throwback player who just does everything well on a baseball field.

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