Dodgers: Scoreboard Reveals Incredible Moment From Joey Gallo

Dodgers outfielder Joey Gallo has been doing it all since his high school days

As a member of the Dodgers, outfielder Joey Gallo is no stranger to the spotlight as he continues to make a name for himself with a new team. He has slowly turned his season around making plays in the outfield and mustering up six home runs with 19 RBI’s since being acquired, but this Gallo moment came when he was still unsure of his career. 

Gallo played his high school days at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nevada with strong hitting talent while also delivering on the mound. With his 67 home runs on a .466 batting average while also pitching a 2.62 ERA for his career, he found his playing days continued at LSU.

The stats are impressive for any high school player destined to go pro, but his biggest highlight was put on blast in front of the entire Dodgers Stadium crowd. 

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That’s right, Gallo pitched a no-hitter and than took out Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux’s daughter to prom in the same day. When recalling what it was like, meeting Maddux was something that he would have never imagined after the brilliant day he had (quotes via SideAction).

“Yeah, it was pretty intimidating. I’m not going to lie. We actually had a game earlier that day and I pitched and I threw a no-hitter that day. And then I ended up going to prom later that night with Paige Maddux, so it was an interesting day. It was really fun. You know, showing up and having to talk to Greg for 20 minutes and taking his daughter to prom was uh, pretty nerve-wracking for a 17-year-old.”

Gallo’s scoreboard story sent the internet into a frenzy as more became exposed to his all-time day. It’s not everyday you throw a no-hitter and take out a daughter of a Hall of Fame pitcher to prom all in the same day.

Not bad for a Dodgers outfielder. 

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