Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Impressed by What Freddie Freeman Has Brought to LA

Dodgers President is looking forward to what Freddie Freeman has to bring in October.

The 2021 season did not end the way the Dodgers wanted it to. Bounced out in the NLCS in 6 games by the eventual champion Atlanta Braves led by first baseman Freddie Freeman

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No one in their right mind thought the 2021 free agent would ever leave Atlanta where he spent 11 years, but it happened and Los Angeles got the player they wanted. The move shocked the baseball world in mid-March and talks of the greatest baseball team of all time were already being discussed.

Everyone knew the addition of Freeman would mean a lot of wins for the Dodgers but never this type of dominance by their star players and role players. 

However, beyond the play on the field, Freeman has brought a new type of attitude to LA and President of baseball operations, Andrew Friedman told Dodgers insider David Vassegh what he has been impressed with the most.

“It’s hard to put into words. Just the consistency he’s brought. And again, what he’s done in the batter’s box is obvious, but the level of accountability. The way he’s gotten guys to take pride in playing every day. The way he runs the bases I think is contagious on other guys. So there are so many different ways that he has an incredible impact on what we do. And I’m really looking forward to that stability and what he brings into October.”

We all knew about Freddie Freeman, but getting the chance to see him play everyday has been special. His approach, the way he hustles on every play, and his availability are the reasons why the Dodgers have been the best team in all of baseball.

It might’ve seemed like a “the rich are getting richer” move by LA with the signing of the 32-year-old, but that may not be the case at all. Yes, the Dodgers had the resources to make that move, but Freddie fit just well with the Dodger organization and vice versa.

The culture has certainly been established by the front office and the players have followed with ease. 

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